Storz 27001L Uretero-Renoscope 6° Semi-Rigid (New)

7,400.00 7,900.00

Storz 27001L Semi-Rigid 6° Uretero-Renoscope Autoclavable 
Distal Tip: 7fr. 
Instrument Sheath: 8fr, 1 Step, 12fr. 
Working Channel: 5fr, for use with instruments up to 4fr. 
Telescope: Fiber optic system direction of view 6° 
Length: 43cm 
Eyepiece: Angled rigid 
Storz 27001G Instrument Port 1 Channel 
Storz 27550N Seal Qty: 10 
Storz 27504 Flow Control Stopcock 
Storz 27001E Insertion Aid for guide wires 
Storz 6002000 Luer Conector Set

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